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Research Scientist

Translational Neuroscience Laboratories,
Nathan S. Kline Institute
140 Old Orangeburg Rd.
Orangeburg, NY 10962

Phone: (845) 398-5471
Fax: (845) 398-5472

Email: hrabe(@)magalien(·)com

Where to go from here

« Ruská anabase »

Second edition of my grandfather's diary from his journey - almost around the world - as a soldier in the Czech legion in Russia 1917-1920 (198 pages, 54 pictures, in Czech).

« Právnické vtipy »

If you like lawyers as much as I do and if you understand Czech, visit this Czech Lawyer Jokes Page. I put it together with a lot of help from my parents.

« Magalien »

Magalien is our MR consultation company.

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