We are glad to see you visiting our pages. Perhaps you were doing research on ancient Scottish sorcerers and this popped up. If so, sorry to have fooled you. Magalien is in fact a Magnetic Resonance consulting company.

We offer experience and services in many areas related to MR research and development, ranging from site planning and MR equipment selection to securely networking the scanner with your post-processing workstations, from pulse programming to sequence parameter tuning tailored to your needs, from advice on fMRI analysis to writing custom post-processing programs. Our combined experience includes UNIX/Linux/Windows networking and computer administration, SMIS and Siemens pulse sequence programming, MR methods for fast imaging, fMRI, diffusion, perfusion, and fast spectroscopy imaging, as well as image post-processing and advanced fMRI analysis.

If you have a research or development project which includes MR in one way or another but do not have access to a full-fledged MR team of physicists, engineers, and computer specialists, Magalien can probably help you out.

You can reach us by email at maginfo(AT)magalien(DOT)com.

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The documents in this section were made available in hope that they may be useful. However, no guarantee of any kind is provided. Comments and corrections are welcome but copy-pasting without giving us any credit is not.

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